With Best 15 Facebook Photo Editing Tools You Look like a Pro!

Several different Facebook photo editing tools are available for users. Although the apps are all similar, each one has a few unique differences. Some apps are whimsical and fun, while others are designed for more professional photo editing tasks. Therefore these tools are designed to enhance your online images, and help you share your creations with online friends.  

15 Best Facebook Photo Editing Tools

Social media profiles are our online selves, so it makes sense that we want them to look as good as possible, especially when it comes to our photos. Here are some of best best Facebook photo editing tools so you can make them look their best.

1. Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop express editor contains several powerful editing tools. It is Supports RAW file formats. Also it has easy social media sharing abilities. It is integrated to many other Adobe applications through Creative Cloud.

Of course: People report it crashes sometimes on Android platform.

Photoshop Express Editor works like a magic for photo editing requirements. This tool can be easily handled by beginners and masters as well for the sake of Facebook marketing. It is compatible with Windows, iOS as well as Android platforms. It allows users to share content directly on Facebook, Twitter, Adobe Revel, and Flickr etc. One can also send images via message and email.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a complete photo editor that includes many features found on professional graphics programs. In addition this app allows you to use image masks to isolate or highlight different areas of a photo. You can also draw on an image or apply ready-to-use “magic effects,” which add style to photographs. The PicsArt app is available for free.

Facebook Photo Editing Tools

3. Canva As Facebook Photo Editing Tools

It’s got some of the most incredible, diverse features and templates out there.

And to top it all off: Almost everything on it is free to use except for a few advanced, premium templates and icons. But even those cost just a few dollars to use!

Canva is hands down one of the best image editing tools you can use. You can export files directly to your computer or social media, and the templates are almost unlimited. For example, if you want to create a graphic for a Facebook post, there is a template for it.

If you want to create social media branding, there are tons of templates for that, too.

So let’s dive into the tool and all of the great features that it can provide for you. To get started, create your free account from the homepage.

Once you’ve created an account, you should have access to the dashboard: You can create a graphic for just about everything. Also you can create presentations, magazine covers, resumes, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, blog titles, logos, and more. Even you can create things like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords ads!

4. Loupe

Loupe allows you to organize your photos into a collage in any shape you want, which is pretty cool. Moreover, it’s available for iOS and as a desktop app.

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5. Facebook Photo Editing Tools: Fotor

It is simple to use with the moderate interface. Also it contains numbers of editing effects as a Facebook tool. Certainly beginner friendly drag and drop tool. Preferably used to create Facebook cover images with templates.

sometimes customers complain that It stays too cluttered with ads.

Users can access various attractive stickers, latest photo editing effects and text editor for free to design high-quality images. You can complete all tasks by simply following the 4 step process. This software tool works perfectly on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. It offers easy sharing ability on Twitter and Facebook.

6. Pixelmator

Pixelmator enables your company to both edit pictures and create new images from scratch using a vast collection of design tools. Features of Pixelmator include click-to-add effects, iCloud, iPhoto and Aperture integration, painting, retouching, drawing and over 150 filters. The app also features professional-grade color correction, 64-bit support and OpenGL compatibility. The app was named app of the year on the official Apple App Store in 2011. Geekers Magazine included Pixelmator on its list of best photo editors for Mac computers. Pixelmator is compatible with Apple computers running OS X 10.6.8 or later.

 7. PicMonkey Photo Editing Tools

PicMonkey is another helpful tool to use when it comes to image editing.

If you aren’t a graphic designer but want crystal clear images with high production value, PicMonkey is one of your best bets.

PicMonkey has a slew of diverse features that extend a bit beyond the capabilities of Canva.

For example, you can edit existing images that you have on Facebook, your computer, or anywhere else.

You can also touch up specific photos with new effects.

And, just like Canva, you can easily start a new design from scratch or with a preset template.

8. Muzy for Facebook

The Muzy app includes several fun photo editing tools. Importantly one of the main features of Muzy is the ability to create a collage out of your Facebook photos. in addition you can place your favorite photos into a pre-made frame, or arrange pictures into a shape. Several photo effects are available, including vintage and sepia filters. Above all Muzy has over one million users, and is free to use.

Best Facebook Photo Editing Tools

9. Facetune

If selfies are your thing, then Facetune is the app for you. Facetune is perfect for retouching portraits and selfies, with tools for smoothing complexions and blemishes and adjusting lighting to make you look your best. Above all it’s available for iOS and Android.

10. Aviary Editor Is a Facebook Photo Editing Tool

Aviary Editor allows you to edit photos from your Facebook albums or upload images from your computer. Further this app has several useful features, For instance red eye reduction and contrast adjustment tools. You can also place virtual “stickers” onto pictures to give them a fun twist. Aviary Editor is free, and used by over 100,000 people.

11. PiZap

The piZap app allows you to edit your Facebook photos directly from the Web. Secondly you can use piZap to create a collage of your favorite images, or add borders and special effects. Likewise Aviary Editor, the piZap app lets you can add colorful stickers to your photos. Once you have edited a photo, you can repost the image to Facebook. In addition to this app is free to use.

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12. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Platform: Android, iOS, and Windows

It supports geo-tagging and face tagging feature. Also it has advanced editing tools. Several image manipulation options.

However: You need to get a separate photo organizer app to work with this app. Moreover it is expensive tool.

Adobe Photoshop Elements has 3 main editing modes as Expert, Guided and Quick Edit. Beginners can find many step by step tutorials online to initiate editing task. This software extends support to multiple file formats including raw files, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG etc. It can be used to share edited images directly on Facebook, Twitter as well as on Flickr. You can access this software on Windows, iOS and Android platform.

13. PaintShop Pro: Windows Facebook Photo Editing Tools

It is especially for windows. A wide range of beginner-friendly and professional editing tools. Lots of video tutorials available for it. Also it has customizable interface. 30-day free trial available.

Cons: Service limited to Window systems only.

PaintShop Pro extends support to almost 40 file formats including RAW, JPG, PNG, TIFF and GIF etc. You can share edited images directly on Google+, Flickr and Facebook or they can be transferred via email.

14. Paint.NET

It is windows app.


  •  Advanced editing tools.
  •  Extends support to various useful plugins.
  •  Support 3D rotation and layering etc.


  •  Lacks in photo organization task.
  •  Mac version is not available.

Paint.Net can take out basic output only, it does not support direct sharing to social media networks; however, you can choose the file type from a wide range of supported formats like PDN, TIFF, PNG, JPG, and BMP etc.

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15. Facebook Photo Editing Tools: Affinity Photo

Platform: iPad, Windows, Mac

Affinity Photos allow RAW processing, resolution independent editing ability and many other extraordinary features that are often needed by professionals. It has several Photoshop like elements, layers, paintbrushes and exposure controls. In case if you are using a MAC device, this software is directly integrated to OS and can be found inside Affinity apps folder. All that you need to do is, open Files, go to Share and chose your platform for sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.


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