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YouTube Updated Verification Process : you need at least 100k subscribers !

YouTube Provides Insight on Updated Verification Process for Creators

YouTube Updated Verification Process

Last September, YouTube announced that it was changing its processes on how creators can apply for a Verification badge, and what the requirements would be moving forward.

This week, YouTube has provided an update on this process, including a full overview of how you can go about getting a verification badge for your channel.

YouTube Updated Verification Process : First off, in order to qualify for a YouTube Verification badge, you need at least 100k subscribers to your channel.

That’s a pretty significant undertaking, so it’s not widely available to everyone. But if you’re really keen on a YouTube verification stamp, this is the first requirement of the process. YouTube does make some exceptions on this front for public figures known outside of YouTube.

Second, once you reach 100k subscribers, you need to fill out this form in order to apply for YouTube verification. If you don’t have 100k subscribers, the form won’t be available to you.

Once you’ve submitted the form, YouTube will then assess your application, which incorporates an analysis of two key elements.
Your channel needs to represent the creator brand that has been producing all of this great content for so long.

We might ask for additional documentation or information to verify that it’s really you.”

The second is profile completion – your channel must be public, it has to include a description, videos, and it needs a channel icon, in order to fulfill all the requirements of an official, verified presence.

Once you’ve met all of these requirements, you can be YouTube verified, adding an extra level of authority and authenticity to your on-platform presence.

Though YouTube is also keen to note that there are no additional functions or tools made available to verified users:

“This does not represent an award, it doesn’t provide you with extra product features, there’s really nothing else that you get other than the badge itself.”

YouTube does allocate channel awards for different reasons, but they are not directly tied to verification, as such.

In addition to this, YouTube notes that it can remove a verification badge if a channel is found to be impersonating somebody or something else, or it changes its channel name, in which case you would need to re-apply.

So take care with our channel name, you could end up stuck with it for some time.

Verification checkmarks

can have value, in terms of helping users find your official presence, and they do add a sense of authority, but they’re also not essential, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t meet these requirements as yet.


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updated insights about getting YouTube verification badges and how they affect a channel

YouTube Updated Verification Process
YouTube Updated Verification Process

However, getting a hundred thousand subscribers is not the only requirement. There are two additional factors that YouTube teams will review before they accept your application.

The first condition is that your channel must be 100% authentic. Your channel must represent the creator brand that has been producing all the content. YouTube teams may even ask for additional information or documentation to verify your identity and authenticity.

Secondly, the YouTube teams want your channel to be 100%complete. It must be public and have a description. It must have an icon and proper content.

After meeting these criteria, you become eligible to receive a verification badge for your account.

Now, the question here arises is about the significance of this badge and how does it affect you or your channel if you have a verification badge?

As per Creator Insider, although a verification badge is just a visual indicator, it just makes your account valuable like a status symbol.

Aside from this, a badge will help people who are searching for an authentic creator on the platform find your channel and know that you are an authentic creator with a huge following and a name of your own.

However, it is important to know that a badge does not represent an award, and it does not provide you with extra product features.

You are eligible for awards if you are a creator who is showing promising growth on the platform.


YouTube Verified Badge : Backtracks and Lets Channels Keep


In two scenarios, YouTube may take your verification badge back; 1). If you, being a verified channel are found to be impersonating another creator or a brand, 2). If you decide to change the name of your channel.

In both these cases, you will lose your verification badge. So, you have to be extra careful while creating original, authentic content and think twice before changing the name of your channel.

The verification badge will not automatically transfer to your newly named channel, and you will have to re-apply for the verification badge.

Creator Insider has mentioned an instance where YouTube may make an exception and give the badge to a channel that may not meet the criteria.

It can happen if the channel belongs to a well-known figure outside from the world of YouTube who has joined the platform and it is expected from their followers to follow them to their YouTube channel.

If you are a verified channel and for some reason, you violate YouTube’s guidelines or receive a strike or if one of your videos gets removed, then do not worry about your badge.

It will not be taken away from you in such cases.


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