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getting verified on Instagram for small businesses

If you are using Instagram at all, you have probably seen on some accounts that little blue checkmark next to the username.

For a lot of people, this is something that they just absolutely have to have. It’s a status symbol. It’s a kind of badge of pride or badge of honor that they have on their account showing that they’re Instagram verified. You can also buy Instagram followers cheap and get your Instagram verified .

Is it really necessary for small businesses to be verified on Instagram?

If, your entire goal is just to grow to a level where you get that blue checkmark and that’s kind of your arrival point. Then sure, take the steps and the efforts to get there. But as a small business, is it truly important to you? That’s something to consider. Getting a blue check verification is not a difficult process.

What’s difficult is actually qualifying? There is a report of people paying upwards of $10,000 to a friend of a friend that knew somebody who worked at Facebook or Instagram and was able to verify the account. Problem with that is

1) It goes against Instagram’s terms and services because that’s ridiculous.
2) If Instagram ever found out, they just took the checkmark away and you’re no longer verified.

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So, Instagram 6 months ago decided to change this up. Now, you have an opportunity to apply, and you can apply your profile to get this blue-check verification. Instagram has a couple of different rules that they try to follow in order to ensure that they are not verifying everybody. If every account has a blue check then it doesn’t matter.

Is there a viable business reason to verify you?

This viable business reason what they’re looking for is? Is there a risk to you or risk to people? That you follow that they would accidentally get you confused with the different profile. The end goal of Instagram, really at the end of the day, just needs to be, am I providing great value and am I seeing the engagement that proves to me that my users are also seeing this great value?

So, when you are going through this application process, you need to have a large follower count or a large enough. You need to have an engagement that is significantly more important. There needs to be a business use case scenario as to why this is important both for your company and for Instagram. Are their other fake accounts out there pretending to be you?

There’s also a little bit of ambiguity does Instagram believe that there is a value to them to verify you? If they verify you, will that increase in the trust that their users have on Instagram? Or will your profile be able to bring in more users, more people that are consistently coming to the app, consistently engaging with your profile and others? So, all those different scenarios go into this whole application process so keep that in mind.


Top ten tips for getting verified on Instagram

verified on Instagram
verified on Instagram

Can verification be requested?

According to the Instagram support page, only a few public figures, celebrities, and brands are verified. At the moment, it is not possible to request a verified badge. Instagram recommends you to connect to other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, to authenticate with your smartphone.

There are many other ways to communicate the authenticity of your Instagram account to the world without losing precious opportunities (and above all, to try to adhere as much as possible to the required criteria). Here are a few.


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Build up a huge following

The first and most obvious way to get verified on Instagram is to be extremely popular. First, increase your Instagram followers.

Do you want to find out how to increase your followers on Instagram and earn money? If the answer is yes, discover Instagram and follow advanced strategies to increase your following count.

Being represented

The verification badge was created to identify those users who are continuously copied with other fake accounts. Therefore, it is obvious that the safest way to receive the badge is to have someone who “represents” you. This does not mean, however, that you will have your account copied or you will create other fake accounts with your name, Instagram will immediately give you the badge. It’s not that simple; there are many other factors.

However, there is a process and a form where you will have to prove that you are the real person and that the imitator is damaging your business.

If you create a fake account with your name, you can at most send the report to Instagram and have the account that has “copied” you cancel, but you will not receive the badge, so do not do it.


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Stay active

If you want to get a verified badge, then stay active and updated your profile regularly. If the Instagram administrators view your profile and see that you haven’t published a post for over a month, they will immediately switch to another account.

Connect your Instagram account with other social networks

Fill in your bio with your official name, email address, and a link to your profile on another social network, such as Facebook or Twitter. In this way, Instagram will be able to verify your profile better, and you will have a greater chance of receiving the badge.

Avoid negative activities

Don’t buy fake followers, likes, or comments. First of all, Instagram obviously doesn’t like it. In fact, its team eliminates millions of fake accounts per day. Furthermore, if you want to buy real Instagram followers then buy from authentic provider. So that, when Instagram will scan your profile, it will not delete them from your account.


Instagram requires that all verified accounts be public and have a full biography. This requires an attractive profile photo and uploaded posts to the account. Furthermore, it will be easier to obtain it when the link indicated in the biography is a website with a personal domain.


Although the verify badge is not only for celebrities, but it wants to know that the profile belongs to an easily recognisable and well-known user. If you content is featured on multiple news websites then Instagram will notice you. Instagram gives more importance to those accounts that are recognisable and noteworthy.

Create support groups for your content to increase engagement

One of the most effective strategies to actually increase your profile engagement rate is to create Instagram groups – in direct chat. Add carefully selected users in these groups, chosen as part of the same niche in which we operate, and to support each other, exchanging likes and comments immediately after the publication of new content.

This way, your posts will be much more likely to end up in the feed of the most popular content of the individual hashtags or, even, on the Instagram Explore page! Few people know that to end up in the exploration section (draws from the global Instagram search). The content must receive a predefined number of Instagram likes, compared to the number of its followers, it seems an impossible mission, but it is not! This is how the viral growth of a profile on Instagram occurs.

In order for each group to function in the best way, it will be necessary to establish rules of behavior to be adopted, for example, to monitor that each user supports the others, putting likes to their posts, under penalty of the ban by the group.


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Invest in ads on Instagram to build a new audience and more visibility

With the decline in the organic reach of Instagram posts, investing part of your ad budget on this platform may be necessary to acquire a few more followers. All you need to do is set a target in line with the published content and make sure it is attractive and has an engaging caption. If you look around, you will notice that most of the Influencers are already using this method, sponsoring more of the contents of their grid.

This marks the end of a neutral territory that begins to be regulated. Will it end up becoming more and elitist, a business world where only those with money can guarantee maximum exposure? Instagram is becoming a territory in which to compete becomes increasingly difficult, so users are required to make a greater effort to be able to emerge and maximise the effectiveness of their profiles. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is not a social network for everyone; it is not a tool to simply stay in touch with the people in your life. You need to keep up with continuous updates, raise the bar, and increase its expertise to compete with others.

Create a solid biography

As for the personal Instagram page, you have to introduce yourself and explain what you can do, your hobbies, and your passion. You could be passionate about photography, and therefore you should stop to describe the photographs you love to take, the kittens, the sea, and the mountain.

Instead, if you have an Instagram business profile, you have to tell who you are or what you sell. Since you only have 150 characters available, you could enter a simple descriptive phrase and then list what you do. Also, include all relevant keywords (to be found more easily) and enter a convincing call-to-action.

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