How to Improve Your TikTok Engagement ?

The engagement rate is an important factor for the TikTok algorithm; in fact, it helps you to get more relevance. So, if you already elaborated a TikTok marketing strategy, it’s now time to improve your follower’s engagement. By boosting your TikTok Engagement, you will ensure that you won’t lose any follower, you will make them more involved with your content. Consequentially, you’ll increase your engagement rate, becoming more relevant on the TikTok app.

TikTok Engagement

TikTok had an incredible year of growth. It was reported on a study that 45% of US teens ages 13 to 17 had used the app in the past month, exceeding Facebook (39%) but lagging Snapchat (67%), Instagram (74%) and YouTube (90%).  TikTok Statistics are amazing!

Doubling its growth from last year, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2020 with 111.9 million installs. With its popularity growing by the day, it is essential that brands not only jump on the TikTok bandwagon, but do it correctly.

This can only be done by having a high social media engagement rate which means keeping users invested in what you have to say through the combination of humor, originality and TikTok’s tools and features.

TikTok is unlike any other social app, so the social media rulebook for other platforms does not apply here. It’s a whole new ball game.

Tips To Engage followers On TikTok:

If you already have a TikTok presence or if you, your marketing team or agency are thinking about diving into one of the world’s fastest growing social platforms, here are four tips for increasing your Social media ROI.

1. Create intrigue & tell stories

One way of keeping your viewers engaged on TikTok is creating videos that include relatable story-telling through its unique set of native tools and features. This is why the #makeitstop trend is exploding and why Fanbytes’ JP Saxe campaign achieved a very high engagement rate of 31.53%, doubling the industry average!

The #makeitstop TikTok trend sees creators sharing near-death experiences whilst lip-synching to Disney Channel’s film Teen Beach Movie song ‘Can’t Stop Singing.’ The hashtag has amassed a massive 215.9 million views and the sound has received 266.9K pieces of user generated content at the time of writing.

This is not the first time a story-telling trend like this has received viral status. This is because Gen Z, a generation characterized by their 8 seconds and less attention spans, have begun to replace TV with TikTok, where short-form entertaining content is readily available. Users engage in this trend purely because they are intrigued by the story and want to see how the story ends.

Fanbytes quickly acknowledged this user behavior and utilized it to maintain the momentum of JP Saxe’s track ‘If the world was ending’. They asked influencers to create scenarios for the end of the world and tasked them with showcasing memories that they missed during lockdown whilst playing on the ‘if the world was ending’ lyric.

Increase Engagement Rate

2. Respond to everyone

After your followers or TikTok users answer your question video, you should respond to each comment.

People feel appreciated when someone takes into consideration their answers and other users are more likely to leave a comment if they’re sure you’ll answer to their affirmations/questions.

Plus, by responding to comments, your number of comments increases considerably, and your profile becomes more relevant.

3. Ask fans to make a choice

Another way of engaging your audience is to provide them with options to choose from.

They can be options related to your business or life choices; you decide.

This is another way to demonstrate to your followers that you are curious, and you care about their opinion. Also, you get to know what they appreciate and what they don’t; this way you can make a list of the topics your followers could be interested in.

4. Leverage influencer communities

A lot of brands’ secrets to high engagement on TikTok comes from leveraging TikTok influencers communities. These influencers live and breathe TikTok and have built their followings from the quality of the content that they have created. They’re native to TikTok and know how to use its tools, features and trends to their advantage.

Because of this, these fan bases tend to be highly engaged and interested in what they have to say, so when they partner and become affiliated with your brand, you are seen just as positively in association and are given access to an already warmed up audience.

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Tips to increase the engagement

5. Engage with other brands

Engaging with other brands helps you to make your brand known more easily.

This way you can reach results within a time that you couldn’t on your own.

Remember to choose a brand that is related to your industry; so you make sure that the audience of that brand can be also your audience.

6. Link to TikTok from your other social profiles

 You can cross promote deep links to your TikTok profile or specific videos from other social profiles and content. For example, if you have fewer followers on TikTok vs. YouTube or Instagram, place a deep link to your TikTok profile or video in your Instagram or YouTube profile.

This can be especially effective when you know your audience frequently uses both platforms.

7. Keep It Short and Simple

Another effect that the wealth of content has on users is that attention spans are much shorter. Therefore, one factor to consider is that TikTok users are on average under 20-years-old, which is a demographic that many have argued are losing the ability to stay focused for longer.

While TikTok videos can be up to 60 seconds long, we’d recommend sticking to videos that are closer to 15 seconds long. This might force you to keep your ideas diluted to their core message, but time and time again we’ve seen that this is what audiences are responding to the most.

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Engaging content

8. Host contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are sure ways to attract more followers and boost your engagement rate.

By running them time by time, your followers will be more encouraged to follow you.

It is also a way to let your followers try the product you sell; if they like it, they could become your customers.

9. Be Spontaneous

Unlike Instagram, TikTok trends can develop and rise up on a daily basis. So next to planning highly-valued, thoughtful, and detailed campaigns with influencers, use developing trends to kick off a campaign – try to be very quick in adapting these to stay ahead of current trends.

This could include selecting a song or sound at the last minute that appears to be blowing up or piggybacking on a currently trending dance challenge. Keep your finger to the pulse of what is going on in TikTok and be ready and open to adapt.

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10. Stay one step ahead

To stay on top of how your brand can smash it on TikTok, stay active on the app and what it has to offer. And if you want to get regular updates on the latest TikTok trends and how you can use them on your channel straight to your inbox, make sure you follow our articles.

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