YouTube Mistakes : The 10 Actions To Avoid For Beginner

YouTube Mistakes are very important for every way that you can increase your chance of making a successful video. There are just as many pitfalls that are commonly overlooked. Recognizing these potential mistakes is something every new content creator should make a priority. By avoiding YouTube mistakes like any other social platform (Facebook or TikTok), you’ll make your videos shine.

10 YouTube Mistakes & Tips from Successful YouTube Stars

The impact a successful YouTube channel has on a brand can no longer be questioned. The social media behemoth attracts over 1 billion unique visitors to its platform every month, and some YouTubers now generate full-time incomes because of this traffic. With success stories of certain channels bringing in six figure incomes, more people have looked at YouTube as a way to market their brands. However, as more people use YouTube from a business standpoint, more methods get mixed up and misconceptions lead to mistakes. These are 10 YouTube mistakes that you must avoid so you continue to grow on YouTube.

1. Write your own original titles, descriptions, or SEO tags.

Possibly the most common mistake a new YouTuber can make is stealing metadata, the keywords and phrases that search engines use to find specific videos. If a similar video is wildly successful, stealing the metadata from it in hopes that your video will appear in the top results won’t actually work. Take the time to be original in how you present your own content.

2. Not Sharing Your YouTube Videos On Your Other Social Networks

Just because you put a video on YouTube does not guarantee it will get thousands of views let alone a few million. In order to get more views from YouTube’s search engine, you must generate some of the buzz on your own.

When I upload a new YouTube video, I always tweet it and promote it on my other social networks. I have even started sharing my YouTube videos with my email list. I share my YouTube videos with the audience I have already built so more people see the video, and as a result, my audience grows.

YouTube mistakes

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3. YouTube Mistake To Avoid: Do Not Decide A Theme

A YouTube channel is like a magazine or a blog, it needs a theme so that the people who get to know it know what they will find there.

If you start uploading cooking, tech, and automotive videos, people who find your channel won’t know what they’re going to find the next time you upload a video, and that will make them wonder whether or not to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

It is important that you establish a theme to which you want to dedicate yourself and build a clear image so your followers know what they will find and the content that you will publish.  This way they will not hesitate to subscribe.

4. Don’t just keep putting up videos on your channel over and over

You may have 100 views, 200 views, 300 views, or even 4,000 views, but what you really need to be doing is developing one skill.  Then collaborate with people who have more subscribers, but less skill.  For example if you’re a really good 3D artist and go to someone with 10,000 subscribers and say let them know it.  Tell them you can do something 3D for them.  Maybe they do composing.

You can suggest that if you do a 3D for them, they can mention you in their video.  Just doing an amazing video and putting it up on your channel will probably not bring you the success you want.  Collaborating with the community is a good way to start.

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5. One Of The YouTube Mistakes: Not having your profile optimized

When someone comes to a YouTube channel for the first time, they like to do their research and find out what they might find, who is the person running the channel, and what types of videos it has.

That is why it is important to have the YouTube channel optimized with the following aspects:

  • A clear profile photo that shows who you are or what company you are.
  • Description of the channel with keywords to facilitate the search of your profile
  • A simple name that is not difficult to remember.
  • Playlists with the classification of the content you publish.
  • Introductory video. So users get an idea of ​​the channel.
  • Optimized videos with proper titles, descriptions and keywords.

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6. Bad Audio for YouTube videos

The audio of your videos has an impact on how people perceive your channel and brand. If you have bad audio in your videos, people will find it difficult to listen to your videos even if you offer great advice or good humor.

The sound quality of your videos is just as important as the value within the actual videos. If you don’t have any microphone, then your audio is decent at best. I use the Yeti Microphone for my videos, and many of the highly successful YouTubers use the microphone for their YouTube videos and training courses.

avoid to YouTube mistakes

7. Not Asking For Subscribers Or Comments

At the end of every YouTube video, don’t be afraid to ask your audience to subscribe and comment. The best way to get something is to ask for it, but you don’t want to beg either. There is a difference between saying “Please subscribe” and “Please, please, please subscribe.” I have an annotation that shows up during all of my videos enticing people to subscribe, and at the end of my videos, I encourage interaction and subscriptions. I want to make sure the people who appreciated my video the first time can easily get notified about my other videos and have a conversation with me.

8. Not Analyzing Your Metrics As YouTube Mistakes

This is one of the most common mistakes in all social networks of the moment.

Having a good strategy is not achieved without effort, and within that effort is to monitor each content you publish and how many people subscribe to your channel.

Knowing how your videos perform, you can discover many things:

  • Which videos have the most views? Can you group them by content?
  • What videos have the most likes or comments?
  • What are the best times to post on your channel?

Not analyzing the performance of your channel is a big mistake that can delay the growth of your channel.

9. Not having Categories for YouTube channel

As you upload more videos, you will get into specific areas within your niche. Getting into specific areas within your niche will fulfill specific needs and desires that your viewers have. However, your viewers won’t want to scroll through all of your videos to find the one video they are looking for. You can make it easier for your viewers to find what they want by breaking your channel into categories.

Breaking your channel into categories makes it easier for both of those subscribers to find what they are looking for in a time effective manner.

10. Don’t forget to watch other stuff To Avoid YouTube Common Mistake

Watch stuff that you love.  A lot of people on YouTube, when they’re starting out, don’t watch other stuff.  Watch your peers.  Watch the people that inspire you.  And I just think if you find your voice and you’re authentic and you keep stuff relatively short, you can do some good work and you hopefully will succeed.

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Creating a YouTube Channel can be difficult, and it’s hard creating content to fill it with on a schedule. With all the stressors that come with it, it is easy to overlook simple mistakes. Keep these tips in mind whenever you create content, and you’ll be in a much better position to build a successful channel.

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