Most Popular Comedy YouTubers To Inspire You In 2021

YouTubers specializing in comedy are known for poking fun at everyday human problems, creating original skits and characters, and publishing content intended to make people laugh. Therefore, Comedy YouTubers usually separate content according to topic. Depending on their preferred style they may discuss a topic in a humorous way for viewers, or assume an original character. Just like Instagram or TikTok. Like most successful comedians, top comedy YouTubers are unabashedly self-deprecating and have excellent observational skills.

Most Popular Comedy YouTubers To Inspire You

Mr Beast

Let’s start big with comedy YouTubers, and when we mean big, we mean BIG. Mr Beast lives up to his name. So with currently over 30M subscribers, what makes his content so special?

Are you into attention grabbing challenges and stunts of the comedic nature? This is one of the best comedy YouTube channels for you. Take note of Mr Beast’s style of editing. This comedy YouTuber shows us how big productions and ideas can be cut down to watchable pieces of content that are both audience friendly and entertaining.

Mr Beast’s content is often centred around philanthropy and large donations of money. Some could argue that with video titles such as World’s Largest Bowl of Cereal or I ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza it’s a bit clickbaity or self-indulgent, but these titles provide a sense of novelty. Nevertheless, they’re worth checking out to see how comedic vlogs can be mixed with crazy stunts.

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Famous Comedy YouTubers: PewDiePie

Birthday: October 24, 1989

Nationality: Swedish

PewDiePie is the ubiquitous pseudonym for ‘Let’s Play’ pioneer and Youtube superstar, Felix Kjellberg. The controversial Swede, named in the Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world, became the first solo Youtuber to reach 100 million subscribers soon after his much-publicized tussle for top honours in terms of Youtube subscriptions against Indian corporate rival T-Series.

Trey Kennedy

Trey Kennedy is a popular YouTuber who’s skits are based around characters and character metaphors. This is one of the best comedy YouTube channels to explore if you are into writing topical sketches.

For example, Trey’s piece on If social media platforms were a family is extremely relatable and well observed. His channel didn’t focus on big productions, stunts or intricate editing but his writing shines throughout.

Chloe Woodard

Birthday: July 18, 1999

Nationality: American

Famous As: Comedian, Viner

Chloe Woodard is an American comedian and “Viner.”

She is best known for her comedic clips that have inspired a lot of memes. Chloe rose to popularity for the ‘Vine’ clip ‘Who Is She?’ The ‘Vine’ clip was later allegedly copied by “Viner” Jake Paul. This resulted in an ugly online argument between them. Also, Chloe is an ardent lover of art, music, photography, and poetry. She posts her work on her ‘Instagram’ page. Her first original track is available on her ‘YouTube’ channel.

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The Vlog Squad As Comedy YouTube Channel

Next up on the list of comedy YouTube Channels is The Vlog Squad, a group of individuals based in LA. Held together by the kingpin David Dobrik, the group do vlogging based on real-life relatable moments mixed with loosely scripted comedy scenes.

David Dobrik is a comedy YouTuber who has risen to fame with his charming and warm personality on camera.

Comedy YouTubers

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Nick Antonyan

Birthday: July 8, 1994

Nationality: American

Also Known As: Jonah

Famous As: Comedy YouTuber

Nick Antonyan is an American comedian, writer, and social media personality. He is best known for posting comedy and popular video content on his YouTube channel, ‘JONAH,’ which has more than 300,000 subscribers. He is also famous for starring in his own web-series, ‘Road to Comedy,’ (RTC) which he created along with his writing partner, Christian Guiton. The series follows Nick Antonyan on his pursuit to stardom. Apart from appearing on ‘Road to Comedy,’ he has also played a comic role in another web series titled ‘Amigos.’ In 2019, he was nominated for the ‘YouTube Comedian’ award at the 11th ‘Annual Shorty Awards’ in New York City, New York. Nick Antonyan is also popular on other social media platforms, such as Instagram where he has more than 530,000 followers. He currently lives in the United States of America.

One Of The Best Comedy YouTubers: Arron Crascall

Arron Crascall is a comedy YouTuber who came from the now defunct platform Vine (RIP). He is probably best known for his hilarious skits. A popular format of his has been to share what appear to be private phone conversations with strangers.

Aaron is a great example of a creator who has one of the best comedy YouTube channels for utilising the public. This kind of comedy could be classed as prank based, but Aaron’s individual style is somewhat warm and charming.

Also, his videos currently stand at over 15 million collective views, so he must be doing something right! Only check him out if you don’t mind cringing a bit thoug.

Zachary Smith

Birthday: February 28, 2002

Nationality: American

Famous As: Youtube Comedians

Zachary Smith is a social media personality, best known for his comedy, story time, reaction, and challenge videos, which he posts on his self-titled YouTube channel. He is also popular on Instagram as he has accumulated more than a million followers on the photo and video-sharing application. Also he is often addressed as ‘Zach’ by his fans. He famed for his sense of humor and the way he talks, which often induces laughter. His most famous video series on YouTube is titled as ‘If I was in.’ A couple of funny videos that Zachary posted on his channel were later featured in the popular American television series, ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’

Fame Comedy YouTubers

Small Comedy YouTubers

These small YouTubers are absolutely hilarious! If you’re in need of a laugh, you’ve come to the right place! From sketch comedy to comedic vlogs, funny animations to comedy raps these comedians have it all!

The Caitie Diaries

Comedy Skits & Music Videos

Caitie Browne is a small YouTuber from Sydney, Australia. She runs two hilarious YouTube channels, The Caitie Diaries and The Caitie Vlogs. Both will crack you up!

Elijah Pysyk

Funny Animated Story Time Videos

Elijah Pysyk is a small YouTuber from Los Angeles, CA who shares his weird and wacky experiences through animated story time videos. He also does the occasional magic trick!

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Becke Griggs As Small Comedy YouTubers

Comedy Skits & Vlogs

Becke Griggs is a small YouTuber and actress from Adelaide, Australia. Her personality and sense of humour will leave you hysterical! Also, she makes comedy skits and vlogs her life.

Danny Hyde TV

Adult Humor 18+

Danny Hyde is a small British YouTuber whose videos are definitely not family friendly, but are absolutely hilarious! Just don’t watch it with your mom. Starting out in stand-up comedy, he’s brought his skills into the YouTube realm with content so controversial that he’s literally been sued for it!


Comedy Skits & Reaction Videos

Bayley Horne is a small Australian YouTube creator who makes funny yet thought-provoking video content. He discusses topics such as ‘The Mandela Effect’ and reacts to things like Eurovision. His videos will make you laugh but will keep you up at night thinking about the topics he discusses.

Jared Koons

Comedy Skits and Reaction Videos

Jared Koons is a small comedy YouTuber from the US. He has a hilarious personality that he brings to all of his videos. Also from roasting spam commenters to calling out cringey Instagram stories, Jared drops a new comedy video every single week on his YouTube channel.

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To sum up, whether you’re looking for pranks, vlogs, sketches or musical content, YouTube is a goldmine for best practices and talent. Also, inspiration comes in all places however so do make sure to check out other social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter. Often creators will tailor their content for these platforms and you can discover even more to motivate you.

However, remember it’s as much about finding your own voice and place in the comedy community as it is understanding what’s already out there. Take inspiration, enjoy the content but stay true to yourself and what you want to create.

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