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Influencer marketing on Instagram through Amazon Store

Influencer marketing on Instagram

Are you looking to make money through influencer marketing?

If so, you should know that Amazon’s next goal in digital marketing is to expand influencer marketing through this platform!

Amazon Influencer Marketing Program was unveiled in 2017

This app is a way to monetize influencers on Amazon by promoting their products on social media.

Amazon assigns a URL ( to influencers. This link actually leads to a personal store on In this way, influencers can advertise products that they sell on Amazon or that align with their personal brand.

Having an online store allows influencers to link directly to Amazon.

This possibility is especially useful in social networks where it is not possible to insert a link as a URL. What influencers do on Instagram is insert a link in the caption of their posts. But they can not check the number of views through Instagram stories. Influencers receive a standard fee for every purchase they make on Amazon. This amount varies depending on the product type.

According to Amazon, the most influential influencers in this program include the following pages:

Dr. Organic Mommy
Cocktail Chemistry

Influencer stores play an important role today, however, reliable sources say that Amazon is developing these stores.

In the future, influencers will be able to easily publish the content of their social networks, whether photos or videos, using a publishing tool. This tool will allow them to publish directly from their stores to Instagram and YouTube. Brands will also be able to use social media to publish their social media content and websites in stores. This will be a hand tool and is still in the early stages of production.

According to Kieley Taylor, head of paid advertising at GroupM: Better creativity is exciting for advertisers who want to add more emotion to their product pages on Amazon.

“Using this tool creates an opportunity for the user to be taken to the product details page by clicking on a photo or video,” he said.

Currently, this program can be used for influencers who have an account on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Amazon can instantly verify your YouTube and Twitter accounts. This may take 5 days for Instagram and Facebook.



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Amazon account verification steps:

  • Check the number of followers
  • Check the content of posts
  • Check the number of posts
  • Investigate the relationship between posts and the Amazon Store

Keep in mind that Amazon does not endorse all influencers. Rather, it approves those that can increase traffic to this website.

According to Jeff Nicholson, Chief Media Officer at VaynerMedia, “Amazon is training influencers on other platforms to drive their followers to Amazon. “So that they can buy from Amazon after going through the sales funnel.”

Brands can access the app directly through Amazon’s advertising team. This app is not currently affiliated with Amazon DSP or Amazon Web Services.

Why become an influencer on Amazon?

Advertisers are excited to be able to develop their effective relationships on Amazon. Because in this way, they can have a better understanding of how influencers and sales through social networks affect the largest sales platform in the world. According to Business Insider Intelligence, influencer marketing will spend about $ 15 billion on paid advertising by 2022.

Measuring the impact of influencer marketing is difficult because of unreliable tracking links and analytics that are not always shared. But if brands can connect sales to sales through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter campaigns, spending on influencers will definitely increase.

Also, brands would like to know if Amazon sales data can show which influencers can sell the most on Amazon?

According to Joe List, head of media at TPN Retail’s Velocity Commerce Group: “Many brands and advertising agencies cite influencers as a branding informant. “Seeing their impact on the bottom of the sales funnel is an important step.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Or how much of the sales were based on the content of the influencers. While Amazon may link sales to information presented through influencers, it may not disclose this information for privacy reasons.

Marketers of CPG, fashion and beauty products, which rely on Amazon for the bulk of their sales, are now skeptical about selling their products on Amazon. Because it reduces competition.

“Brands have to decide whether Amazon is a friend, an enemy or both, and where they are in the triangle,” Nicholson said.

According to reliable sources: “Currently, the pilot program is very small. That’s why Amazon prefers to evaluate its performance with smaller brands and fewer influencers. Until it develops the main program before it is presented.

According to Nicholson: “They need to look at customer behavior and changes in their behavior before they can sell $ 100 million this way.

Other Influencer Marketing Ecosystems

According to Nicholson: “Amazon’s approach to influencers is very unique. Because it tries to use the content and talent of other platforms and drive traffic to your store.

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Verify Your Business and Brand on Instagram


“Influencers’ activities on social media are only about producing content on the same platform,” he said. While Amazon intends to access other apps and generate sales through it. “Amazon makes it easy to sell and monetize influencers.”

Through this program, Amazon has the opportunity to become the ultimate destination for influencers who have introduced themselves on other social networks. While influencers find their followers on YouTube or Instagram, Amazon gives them the opportunity to monetize directly from their impact on users.

This program has a positive effect on other social networks as well. Because it proves that influencer marketing campaigns have a direct impact on sales on Amazon. Smart influencers often post their content on different networks and do not limit themselves to one network.

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are watching the program closely as they seek to become the ultimate online sales destination.


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