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Branding on Instagram : If you are thinking about Branding on Instagram, avoid these mistakes!

Branding on Instagram

Branding on Instagram is one of the most important steps you can take to grow your business and increase sales.

If you do not work properly on Instagram, this social network will not help your branding.

5 mistakes while working on Instagram that prevent your brand from growing!

Today, Instagram has become one of the best platforms for business activities. This social network, lower than Facebook, is one of the few platforms with more than one billion active applications! Considering this large number of users and on the other hand the capabilities that have been developed for different businesses, working on Instagram is one of the best branding methods.

Of course, the multiplicity of business profiles and the existence of several popular accounts in each field of work have made branding on Instagram difficult.

The most successful in this direction have followed a series of simple rules. After learning how to build a strong brand based on the latest digital marketing techniques, in this article we are going to focus specifically on some common mistakes while working on Instagram. Be with Virlen:

The do’s and don’ts of branding on Instagram

Why, despite the multiplicity of business pages, only a limited number of them are popular and have made huge profits from their activity on Instagram? A series of common mistakes are common among the managers of Instagram accounts and they all repeat them. We will examine them in the following.

1- Lack of sufficient and appropriate activity

Some people just focus on the number of posts posted on their Instagram page and think that a miracle will happen. Thousands of images and videos are uploaded to this social network every second, and by working on Instagram without a strategy, you will have no other achievement than filling the capacity of its servers!


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You should not disappear after a post is uploaded until the next image or video is uploaded. Trying to get users to write a comment below your content and then respond to every single comment is the smallest thing you can do in this way. You need to identify and interact more with users who share your interests.
For example, you can search for hashtags related to your field of activity and comment on them after finding published images and videos. One mistake that business account managers make in this regard is to write clichéd comments like “It was great!” This comment is clearly written, in copy and paste form, under several posts. You should pay attention to the image or video and write a relevant comment after reading the caption.

2- The importance of using hashtags correctly when branding on Instagram

Hashtags are a very important part of Instagram marketing and branding techniques. By using hashtags correctly, you will guide users who are not aware of the existence of your page and you will gain likes, comments, followers and finally new customers. When a user comes to your page through hashtags while working on Instagram, it means that they are interested in your services or goods. As a result, it is more likely to become a regular customer.

Unfortunately, business webmasters publish every post with a lot of hashtags, hoping that they will be categorized and have a better chance of being seen. This way of working on Instagram, in addition to not helping to attract followers, will have a devastating effect on your brand.
There is no set formula or strategy for success in hashtags. You can track the effectiveness of hashtags you have used before and eliminate useless ones over time. In another article, we will teach you how to track the performance and efficiency of hashtags used in the Instagram social network. Once you find the most effective hashtags, you can use new ones like them.



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Don’t just focus on using popular hashtags that are highly sought after by users. Working on Instagram will work best when you create new hashtags with long-term goals in mind and work to make them popular. As a successful strategy in this direction, we can mention encouraging users to use your own hashtags under their posts. Of course, these posts must have related images or videos. An example is the jcrew account, which always uses its own hashtag called #jcrewalways # and encourages users to use it when publishing related posts.

3- Too much direct advertising

Activity on Instagram depends on interaction in a successful way. Excessive self-promotion is a non-interactive, one-sided act that will make you look boring. This will isolate you.

Although you may have many ideas in mind at any given time, you should not feed them to users at once. Viewing multiple posts from one page in a short period of time is tedious and unbearable for most users.

You have to work directly and indirectly on Instagram. Publishing monotonous posts with the content “Our products and services are great and unique” will never go anywhere! You need to encourage users to engage in your sub-posts and get them used to your brand by publishing specific and creative images and videos.

Using the story section can be a great idea to avoid this problem. The nature of Instagram Story makes the increase in images and videos uploaded to it, tolerable for users. An everlane page is a successful example of this. On this page, users are invited to watch stories to ask questions about clothes or how to make them.

4- Publishing glamorous content

Unfortunately, Instagram has become a place to show off the unreal. This is true of regular user pages as well as business accounts. Although advertising in the best possible way about your products and services is not a strange thing, but it may lose its effect in the long run and in some cases, the opposite result.

A study by The Guardian website showed that producing glamorous videos is not worth the cost. Users like real content more and they like it better. Simplicity is the key to success on Instagram. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

5- Using programs and bots to register likes and comments of the enemy of branding on Instagram!

Admittedly, attracting real followers on Instagram and branding on Instagram is really hard work. That’s why some people try to fill the vacancies of real users with robots. Now, thanks to various apps and tricks, you will be able to increase the number of your followers by a thousand in one hour and get a lot of likes and comments for your posts.
No matter how much time and money you spend on receiving likes, comments and especially followers in an unnatural way, it will take you away from your main goal, which is branding on Instagram. This is a waste of time and money, and in some cases, damages your brand. For example, the number of likes and comments on the posts of pages with unreal followers is not proportional to the number of their followers. Users are well aware of this issue and are blown away by the brand related to it!

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