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What is the brand story ? And how is it different from content marketing?

What is the brand story ?

Brand story and content marketing are often complementary because of their common goals; But that does not mean they are the same.

For this reason, we will take a closer look at the difference between content marketing and brand storytelling in marketing and business development.

With increasing competition, the number of companies that use approaches such as content marketing and storytelling brand to find new customers and interact more with existing customers has also increased. Although in both of these ways we see product introductions and business storytelling, there are differences between these concepts that should not be simply overlooked.

Why is it important to understand the difference between content marketing and brand storytelling?

The difference between content marketing and brand storytelling

Content marketing

This principle refers to the publication of educational and promotional content for customers and the prospects set for the business. In fact, instead of telling people how useful and engaging the brand itself is, engaging and useful content is shared by the brand.

There are several types of content marketing, with the following being the most common:

  • PR or Press Release , which mainly covers a specific and brand-related topic.
  • White paper or white paper. These are, in fact, convincing, credible, and detailed reports of a particular problem, at the end of which the solution is stated.
  • Videos are the most suitable content for social networks and similar platforms.
  • Infographics are an intuitive approach to publishing content that is far more appealing.
  • Webinar or online seminar

By using a content marketing strategy, brands themselves become publishers and, in particular, produce targeted content that they know will appeal to the audience. Corporate executives can use this strategy to attract new customers, increase engagement with existing customers, or a way to build or strengthen their brand loyalty.

Brand story

Refers to all the messages you send to your audience. This approach covers issues such as targeted brand digital marketing campaigns among the people as well as their and your employees’ views on the brand.

The brand story goes beyond what people are told. This concept is based on people’s beliefs about the signals your company is sending to your audience.

A brand story is a complete picture of the facts, interpretations and feelings that are shared about your business by yourself, your customers and the general public. This means that how you treat employees and customers, as well as their experiences, can have a significant impact on the spread of the brand story.

Although the content published by a company is also influential in the story of the brand, but in general, this method can be considered just one of the dozens of ways available to tell the story of different companies.

In addition to the content you publish, the brand story includes the following:

  • Your core values
  • Your message of being different
  • Experience that customers have from using your products or services
  • Online customer reviews about your products or services
  • How your employees deal with customers
  • How your employees talk about your company in front of people
  • Mention your brand in the media

Today, transparency and trust are the two basic principles and that is why the importance of brand story is increasing day by day because people use the products or services of different companies based on their reliability; Therefore, if the brand story is not more important than advertising and other public campaigns, it is not less. With these interpretations, if different companies are looking to attract more audience in this competitive market, they must consider the brand story as one of the marketing strategies.

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