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Instagram Tools to Quarantine : Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

10 Top Instagram Tools to Stand Out During Quarantine

With everyone at home and posting, It’s more crucial than ever to push your brand’s narrative.

There are two strategies you can pursue right now: 1. Retreat and play defense with all the uncertainty surrounding the economy and world, or 2.

Go on the offense, control your brand’s narrative and push more content.

Personally, I’m choosing the offense. Increasing my social media posting and driving my brand forward is in my control, unlike a lot of other variables (like where my next stash of TP is going to come from).

With COVID-19 keeping much of the country on lockdown, this is shaping up to be a year of Instagram-consumer overload, opening an opportunity for content creators and entrepreneurs to start engaging with their base a little more. I’ve been seeing lots of users hack out new ideas, especially on Instagram Live.

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This experience, while tragic and traumatic in many ways, has also doubled as a litmus test for brands and their social media strategy.

As a chance to start reassessing the Instagram tools you might be using and what can be improved, I’ve decided to pull together a set of 10 — each of which I’m currently using across my various businesses and brands — that can help you start planning and assessing how to grow your followers during this otherwise challenging period.


An excellent choice if you want to build your follower base quickly, ViralRace enables you to get your content in front of the people who would enjoy it most.

The system allows people to send their profiles out to a wide group of people, and thousands of interested users then follow the account. The app is a custom AI engine that geo targets followers to get quality leads, which is what was compelling to me as a user. I’ll note that since it’s not utilizing a bot or fake followers from a farm, the build is quick, but built with genuine people that will stick with you.

When you consider how often Instagram sweeps to get rid of fake followers and bots, a tool like ViralRace is an efficient, affordable way to garner more traction for the long haul, which I highly recommend to get a solid base going.


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One of the most intuitive and inventive design tools to come out recently, Figma is giving Adobe a run for its money (especially since Figma starts its pricing out as free, versus Adobe, which only offers free trials). Beyond the pricing, Figma is a seamless collaborative-design platform that works in real time with your team on projects. It’s especially helpful if you’re working with a copywriter/graphic designer duo or have multiple hands on your Instagram’s design scheme. It’s not often I come across products that provide effective collaboration, and I always stick with them when I do.


From the team that brought you LinkInBio (a grid-formatted link for linking out content on Instagram posts), Later is one of my favorite products for planning and scheduling out your content for Instagram. Later has a clean and easy UI and delivers on analytics that are easy to understand.

With competitive pricing that starts at free for individuals, Later is something you definitely shouldn’t put a hold on checking out.


Considered by many to be one of the strongest visual communities out there, VSCO is where you need to go for any and all visual inspiration. As VSCO’s primary tool is their photo editor, they’ve had some skin in the game since Instagram’s early days, growing to be one of the biggest treasure troves of different styles and shots from some of the world’s best. Consistently going strong for almost a decade now, VSCO is a classic for any Instagram pro’s social-media arsenal.


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Union Metrics

An alternative-analytics platform from Later, Union Metrics has a robust platform for tracking who’s been looking at your Instagram and which of your content they’ve been gravitating toward. Explaining data in a pretty straightforward way, Union Metrics can help you quite a bit in making informed decisions on what type of content you should be posting, as well as what time is the most advantageous.


For all the talk about influencer-marketing campaigns, the best of them start with BuzzSumo. Giving you a deep dive into what each influencer’s follower count is like, average engagement and ranking for your Instagram, its platform helps quite a bit in getting the best ROI out of your influencer-marketing campaigns. Although a little pricier in that it’s designed for professional teams, it’s still a smart consideration if you’re really looking to ramp up your influencer marketing soon.


Why use TikTok, an Instagram competitor, as a tool for engaging on Instagram?

The content format and editing are increasingly becoming the new norm in people’s Instagram Stories.

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More and more people are turning to TikTok to create short videos with a narrative (similar to a longer Vine), evolving a new medium of content that didn’t exist before. Even if your Instagram still has good engagement on its Stories, learning how to create content “TikTok style” will help you stay ahead of the curve while also enabling you to start building an audience on another platform.


For a simple, linear tool to help organize, compile and track personal links, Linktree is the best in the business.

Starting with unlimited links in its free version, it’s a perfect solution for anyone trying to collect their clickables in one place. Plus, in the advanced version, the tracking is especially helpful in the content you’re trying to A/B test your engagement on. I personally love the data and make changes based on what I see. For example, if one of my articles is getting more clicks, I put it higher on my Linktree feed.

A new tool introduced by SproutSocial, Landscape helps you resize any and all your photos into a convenient size for Instagram. Although many of us think cropping things down is an easy job, you’d be surprised how much content people prohibit themselves from capturing because they don’t think it’ll fit for Instagram, or they’ve taken a flick and it doesn’t fit. Instead, Landscape fixes that problem, changing behavior in helping more people create content freely. Plus, its quick click-and-drag system is one of the simplest, most convenient ways to get the job done better and faster than going through manually.


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AR Filters

Finally, a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down is AR filters, which enable people to do everything from taking quizzes to wear masks and even play games.

The possibilities creators have been exploring with AR filters have been endless, cycling through with new interactive and engaging content almost every week. With the right idea, your AR filter could possibly go viral.


Top 18 Instagram Tools Every Marketer Should Use

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms with over 800 million monthly active users.

Thanks to its growing popularity, you can find many available Instagram tools to improve your marketing strategy on Instagram.

We’ve listed our favorite Instagram tools to make a choice easier for you. Assess your current approach, analyze your audience and create engaging posts with the help of these tools. Also, make sure to use them properly to achieve optimal results.

1. Instasize Photo Editor + Video


A cohesive and engaging Instagram feed can make or break your brand’s social performance. The best tool we’ve found to help elevate your feed is the Instasize photo and video editor. Available on iOS and Android, this app is a must-have for any social media marketer as it allows you to get into the nitty-gritty of photo editing: manipulating exposure and brightness, tint and warmth, shadows and highlights, contrast, sharpness and saturation. Not everyone has the time for that, so Instasize offers over 130 professional-grade, photographer-inspired filters for you to choose from. You’re bound to find a filter that fits your brand and improves the look and feel of your feed.


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2. Hootsuite

HootSuite is a platform for social media management that makes scheduling and publishing posts a piece of cake.

You can use its Instagram options for scheduling your posts in advance, not having to worry about forgetting to publish them.


Once you have prepared your posts, you can move on to dealing with other issues. When the publishing time comes, Hootsuite will send you a notification. Instagram, like any other social media, is overflowing with posts and ads. So, it is important to post content on a regular basis, and this tool will help you keep up with the schedule.

3. Instagram Feed WD

Instagram Feed WD is easy to use plugin! Instagram Feed WD allows you to bring user and hashtag-based Instagram feeds to your website with only a few clicks. You can display composite feeds of hashtags and users with custom styling and image metadata. Use beautiful layouts, such as Masonry, Thumbnail, Blog style and Browser. You can use plugin’s conditional fields functionality, to display filtered feeds. You can base that on the specific username, hashtag, mention, description, or Instagram media link.


Other of Instagram tools include:

  • Sorting by options
  • Advanced lightbox with15 transition effects
  • Mixed and multiple feeds
  • Fully Customizable Themes
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Instagram Comments display in Lightbox
  • Instagram Feed WD Widget
  • The plugin is SEO-friendly and fully customizable.

Check out the demo!


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4. Combin

Combin is an Instagram growth tool aimed at organic audience attraction. Powerful search ability lets you find accounts and posts from your targeted audience by

  • hashtag
  • location
  • hashtag AND location, and
    among followers and
  • commenters of your competitors.


You can perform single and mass actions for following, unfollowing, liking, and commenting. You can leave multiple comments with different text for various accounts in batch. The application schedules action tasks automatically and by Instagram activity limits. All main functionality is free, 5 Instagram accounts management, increased daily action limits, auto-updating of search results and other features are available for advanced users.

5. Later

There is a free plan. A free plan provides you with 30 posts per month, one social profile, and one user. Later has a tool called that makes it easy to shop your Instagram feed. is a landing page that resembles your Instagram feed and displays your posts as clickable images.


You can manage access to your photos, videos, and Instagram accounts within Later and have multiple media libraries, so you don’t have to share your photos and videos with all your Instagram accounts and team members. You can manage multiple Instagram accounts in Business plans. In teams you can have managers approving content, team members publishing posts or contributors submitting media.

6. Linktree

Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. In Instagram you have one link in bio to house all the content you’re driving followers to. Manage how that link works with this free Instagram tool.


One bio link will help your followers discover all of your recent content. Send your followers to multiple destinations: articles, web-store, events, socials and more. Paste in new links and drag and drop the links to reorder.

7. Boomerang

Boomerang is a great tool for creating videos that will appeal to the audience. Having a well-developed strategy entails engaging with your audience the best way you can. You need to speak their language. And according to Liquid Creativity, Boomerang videos have become a crucial part of the Instagram language.


You can use Boomerang for filming one-second long videos. And the best thing about it is that you won’t need much preparation since videos don’t have audio. Therefore, you don’t have to work on dialogues. Capture a perfect moment behind the scenes, or make an interesting video about your product. You know that even a second can make a difference!

8. Foursixty

People can use Instagram to buy products and services. Foursixty enables you to sell your products on Instagram by linking them to their product page. Also, your customers will have an opportunity to add items to their carts, instead of having to browse the Internet for the website.


Some companies that successfully use Foursixty for sales are or Pura Vida Bracelets. Follow their lead and post photos of satisfied customers using your products. That signals to other users that you’re reliable and creates an incentive to get the product for themselves. Everyone needs a little push every once in a while. All you need to do is link your images to the product pages, which is exactly what Foursixty helps you do.

9. Instagram Business Blog

We’re not big fans of corporate blogs, but this is a massively underrated resource!

Instagram has recently announced the launch of their Business Blog. It will be used as a business resource to contribute to the success of other companies. You can visit the blog to get all the information necessary to make the most out of everything Instagram offers. Keep up with the news from the Instagram world and learn how to use the available tools effectively. Also, find out what other business accounts are up to.

Instagram marketing statistics shows that 48.8% of brands have an Instagram account, including 90% of the top 100 brands. That indicates that the competition on Instagram is fierce and you have to use every tool to get to the top. After all, who knows Instagram better than Instagram?

10. Repost

Repost is an essential tool for sharing user-generated content. By doing so, you will show your customers that you appreciate them and their opinion. Repost is easy to use, all you need to do is click and share the content you like while acknowledging the person who created it.

Repost features enable you to bookmark photos or videos you want to repost. You can also find photographs you like by typing in a hashtag or a user’s name and repost by tapping a single button. This tool will contribute to strengthening the business relationship between your clients and you.

11. Facebook Power Editor

Instagram uses Facebook Power Editor for generating sponsored posts. By using this tool, you can easily target factors, such as age, gender, location, habits, or interests of your users, which will help you create ads that will meet the needs of your customers. You don’t have to invest much in running the ads, even $1 would suffice. But if you’re ready to invest more, your ads will, of course, have a larger reach and bigger exposure.


12. Social Insight

Social Insight is an Instagram tool that runs a thorough analysis of your account. You can follow your account growth, interactions, and engagement. The main features allow you to estimate the best time for posting content and gain data on the followers (gained and lost ones). You can also see the information on the average engagement.

Furthermore, if you own more than one business account, Social Insight lets you connect them and compare their analytics. Social Insight is one of the most promising Instagram tools used by businesses owners.

13. Crowdfire

Crowdfire helps to manage your following, which makes it another useful tool on the list. Use is to keep your following in order. The tool identifies people who don’t follow you, or who aren’t active and gives you with the option to unfollow them.


Crowdfire also enables you to quickly start following users who might be interested in your service or product. It generates the suggestions about who you can follow by relying on your following patterns. Also, you can use this Instagram tool for monitoring the effects of your updates on the users.

14. VSCO

Since Instagram is all about photos, make sure to incorporate VSCO into your marketing strategy. It’s a top-notch tool for taking and editing photos. This photo-editing platform will help you tackle the visual side of your marketing approach. You can use a variety of filters to customize your photos and appeal to the audience. You can take pictures of your products, or capture beautiful scenery that can be a great theme for your following campaign.

The statistics show that the average number of photos shared on Instagram on a daily basis is 80 million. For yours to get the audience’s attention, they need to be more than just pleasing to the eye. Find a theme that will be constant in the photos that promote your products and use VSCO to make it perfect.

15. SocialRank

SocialRank provides you with the insight into the follower demographics. It does that by managing, identifying and organizing your followers. Once the tool has gathered the followers’ profiles, you can filter and categorize them according to a variety of criteria. Afterward, you can export the lists of followers and use them for further assessment.

SocialRank This is a great tool for collecting data about your customers’ age, gender and location. But you can also identify other relevant factors to find out what the audience wants and adjust your strategies. Knowing your audience is a prerequisite for conducting a successful business. SocialRank can be an excellent tool for getting to know them.

16. Soldsie

Instagram captions & photos are not linkable. Your only link is in your profile. Soldsie uses this link to showcase your content and make your photos link to the content your fans are trying to find.


Post a product to Instagram, your customers comment Sold on the photo and will be emailed a mobile friendly invoice to check out. Use Soldsie and those “I want that” pleas will quickly change to “Sold”s!

17. Kapwing Instagram video tool

Kapwing is a startup that makes online tools for Instagram video creators. They have five video features out currently and are developing more:


Video resizer: Resize your videos for Instagram (1:1) and Instagram stories (16:9) without reducing video quality.
Video meme maker: Add text above and below your video to make it stand out in the Instagram grid.
Subtitle maker: Add subtitles to your video permanently to get your message across to a muted audience
Video trimmer: Shorten your video to publish your Instagram story (15 seconds)
Sound Effects and Stop motion: Try out cool video effects to make your clips more shareable
Custom watermark: Add an image or text overlay so that people can find your handle if your content is republished elsewhere

Kapwing is a set of tools for people who want to make a video but don’t have any experience with professional video editing software. You can access it from your desktop or smartphone, and you don’t need to download any software. You can download your videos to publish on Instagram or other social media platforms. Kapwing tools are free to use with a small fee to remove the “Kapwing” watermark.

18. Upleap Instagram account growth

Decide what type of followers you’d like, and then sit back, relax – and watch us get you more Instagram followers! Upleap picks up engaged followers, gains social influence, and lets you save a ton of time.


Your account picks up real followers that like and engage with your content. We help you grow with Instagram pods, getting you more natural engagement over time.

Bonus. free Instagram tag tool

Get hashtags ideas with Find top most popular Instagram hashtags for your keywords. Trending searches, most popular hashtags, hashtag popularity.

Use Instagram tools to be more effective

With the right Instagram tools and proper use, Instagram has the potential of becoming one of the most powerful business platforms. It offers a wide variety of different tools, and you shouldn’t hesitate to use them. Find the ones that meet your needs, and start improving your social media business strategy.

Looking to put all your social media traffic to good use? Read our Clickfunnels review and see if that might be a good way for you to monetize it!



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