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The Best Ideas for Creative TikTok Videos & Engaging TikTok Videos

TikTok has proven that it’s no passing fad, with more than 1.65 billion downloads to date. It’s now the sixth largest social network in the world, surpassing Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest.

Creative TikTok Videos

With numbers like that, it’s time to jump in— especially if your brand wants to reach younger audiences, as 69% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old.

Not sure how to get started? We’ve got 9 ideas for awesome TikTok content below.

9 Ideas for Engaging TikTok Videos

1. Create a branded hashtag challenge

As with other social platforms, hashtags are a mainstay on TikTok for searching and sorting content. But hashtag challenges are especially popular on the platform.

Challenges use specific hashtags to encourage users to create videos on a theme, as part of a campaign or viral trend. If TikTok had existed in 2015, you would have seen a lot of videos tagged with #IceBucketChallenge.

A number of companies have used branded hashtag challenges to great effect, but the reigning champion is Chipotle. They use National Avocado Day (also known as July 31, 2019) to launch the #GuacDance hashtag challenge on TikTok.

Avocado lovers were challenged to share a dance inspired by their favorite topping, using the Guacamole Song from children’s entertainer Dr. Jean, tagged with #GuacDance. Simple enough, right? It resulted in a mind-blowing 250,000 submissions, proving that the love of guac is universal.

During the six-day campaign, Chiptole also saw a record-breaking 430 million video starts with the hashtag #GuacDance. It translated into real sales too: Chipotle served more than 800,000 sides of guacamole on a single day, as a result of the challenge.

A few things you can learn from the #GuacDance success:

Make it easy. The Guacamole Song is an earworm, and her original dance is simple and silly. No serious dance skills required.
Make it fun. What do people love best about your brand? A challenge that celebrates your most beloved products, qualities or promotions is likeliest to succeed. Customer research and insights can help here.
Have a goal in mind. Are you trying to drive orders, like Chipotle? Raise brand awareness? Be clear on what you want to achieve so you can measure your impact.


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2. Share an educational video

You may think that TikTok is just for goofy, irreverent content. But it’s actually an amazing platform for sharing informative content in an approachable, easy-to-digest format.

Some doctors have built huge audiences by making videos about timely topics like coronavirus and vaping. Dr. Danielle Jones, aka MamaDoctorJones, has racked up more than six million views with her videos about sexual health, pregnancy and periods.

For doctors like Jones, TikTok is the perfect place to reach teens and young adults who need this information, and may not have their own trusted health providers to talk to.

Socially-minded businesses have an opportunity to get their messages across. Misinformation is rife on social media, and it’s important to counter it by being in the conversations.

3. Partner with an influencer

Working with a creator on TikTok gives you an opportunity to connect with their audience and benefit from their creativity and unique style.

For example, Mucinex (yes, the stuff you take when you have a cold!) partnered with influencers on a #TooSickToBeSick campaign. The campaign, which ran in late October, promoted the message that a seasonal illness shouldn’t ruin your Halloween fun (though now we would definitely say “Stay Home” instead).

@dreaknowsbestDon’t let a cold limit your fun this holidays! I am ##TooSickToBeSick ?‍♀️ ##Mucinex ##Sponsored♬ #TooSickToBeSick – Join The Challenge

Each video included the hashtag, as well as a #Sponsored tag to denote that they were part of an influencer marketing campaign.

There are a few ways to partner with influencers on TikTok, including:

Account takeovers. Allow a TikTok creator to post content directly from your account. Typically takeovers will be cross-promoted on both your account and the influencer’s.

  • Hashtag challenge: Partner with influencers to promote your brand’s hashtag challenge to their audience.
  • Endorsements. Get influencers to promote your brand or product on their own channel, as part of a campaign (like Mucinex) or a product review.

Here are a few tips for working with influencers on TikTok

Find the perfect match. Don’t just partner with the biggest influencer who you can find. Make sure you’re working with someone whose values and audience aligns with yours. Do your homework to ensure they’re a good fit, and build a foundation of trust and respect.

  • Be authentic. An influencer is valuable because they have a genuine voice that their audience loves and respects. To be an effective partner, you need to let them have creative freedom in the content they create for or with your brand. Come up with a game plan together, but don’t be too controlling.
  • Measure impact. As with every aspect of your social strategy, it’s essential to have a goal in mind. Track the outcome of your influencer partnership, whether that’s sales, audience growth or campaign participation, to measure your success.

Here’s everything else you need to know about influencer marketing.

4. Celebrate special occasions

TikTok marked International Womens’ Day (March 8) with the hashtag #SheCanDoIt to celebrate female creators.

The occasion was a springboard for accounts focused on women’s rights and history to get a turn in the spotlight, like Herstory Talking, which honors notable women from past eras:

@herstorytalkWoman of the Day: Zelda Fitzgerald ##shecandoit ##womenshistorymonth ##history ##shecan ##fyp ##foryoupage ##respectwomen ##didyouknow ##facts ##funfacts♬ original sound – herstorytalk

UN Women, a global nonprofit for women’s rights, also leveraged International Women’s Day to got more than 400K views on their #GenerationEquality campaign.

@unwomenOn 8 March, International Women’s Day, join us in speaking out & standing up for women’s rights. ##GenerationEquality starts now! ##SheCanDoIt ##IWD2020♬ original sound – unwomen

TikTok users aren’t seeking out serious videos about gender equality every day. But on International Women’s Day, UN Women and Herstory Talking had the perfect opportunity to share important, timely content.

Every brand should keep track of upcoming events and holidays, especially those with particular relevance to their products and brand story.

Your social media content calendar can help you plan for those occasions so you never miss an opportunity to capture audience interest.

5. Create a tutorial

When I was a teen, my makeup skills were limited to applying mascara and Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. But today’s teens are capable of serious capital-l Looks, thanks in large part to the proliferation of beauty tutorials on social media.

@fentybeautyIssa contour ##makeuphack with @priscillaono with SUN STALK’R BRONZER and PRO FILT’R SETTING POWDER! ##tutorial♬ original sound – priscillaono

But it’s not just beauty. Tutorials of all varieties play well on social media. Everyone wants to learn something new, especially if you can break it down into 60 seconds or less.

Quick cooking tutorials are also popular on TikTok. Often, creators cross-promote their YouTube channel where they offer recipes in more depth and detail.

Fitness is another subject that’s huge on TikTok, with a ton of workout tips and ideas from creators.

@kikifitness10 MIN ABS LETS GOOO? ##abworkout ##abwork ##sixpackabs ##fitnessgirl ##fitnesstip ##fypp ##toronto♬ Lose Control – Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

Whatever your brand does or makes, find a way to bring it to life with a TikTok tutorial. Styling tips, product demos… the opportunities are endless. Dive in!

6. Cover current events

Many viral trends live and die on TikTok alone. But the outside world has an influence too— pop culture and major news infiltrate the platform, where they take on a new life.

The Washington Post (yes, the venerated newspaper) is particularly good at turning topical events into TiKTok videos. After all, current events are their brand. By finding ways to transform those topics into engaging video content, they’ve racked up more than 390,000 TikTok followers.

Viewers of the bizarro Netflix series Love Is Blind will appreciate their nod to the show in this video about their love of… subscribers.

@washingtonpostWe really love our readers ##newspaper ##paywall♬ original sound – washingtonpost

But they’ve also tackled the coronavirus epidemic with videos about hand hygiene and self-quarantine. Serious topics are delicate, as your funny video may veer into insensitivity or poor taste. But the Washington Post demonstrates that it’s possible to achieve a balance of humor and information.

@washingtonpostTo help combat coronavirus, don’t shake hands. ##CoronavirusHandshake ##ElbowBump ##ParentTrap♬ original sound – sherrihillofficial

7. Join a viral craze (or create your own)


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From the Renegade to the CoinciDance, there’s always a viral dance craze happening on TikTok.

Once it hits critical mass, it enters the mainstream consciousness— like when SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth Warren did the Flip the Switch challenge.

@nbcsnl??????? ??? ??????.♬ Nonstop – Drake

Dance challenges are themed around a particular track, a particular sequence of moves, or both. Flip the Switch is an example of the latter, featuring the titular Drake song and two people switching places in front of a mirror.

Some brands may be worried that participating in a dance craze will make them look like the Steve Buscemi meme:

The trick is to be genuine. If you’re not enjoying yourself, the video will feel stiff and fall flat with viewers.

Embrace the silliness and have fun with your dance challenge. That way, even if you don’t go viral, you’ll still have a good time with your team.

8. Create a branded filter

As with Instagram and Snapchat, creators can add lenses and AR filters to their videos to create special effects.

Brands can take advantage of this feature by uploading custom filters. For example, NY Fashion Week (which invited a number of TikTok creators to its 2020 shows) created a special photo booth filter to accompany the events.

Creating effects and filters requires design expertise on the part of your team, so it may only be worthwhile for a major event or occasion. But when done well, filters can boost brand awareness and grow your audience, as well as generate a ton of on-brand content from your followers and fans.

9. Run a contest

Uniqlo launched the first multi-market campaign on TikTok in June 2019, asking participants to create videos of themselves wearing their favorite Uniqlo pieces with the hashtag #UTPlayYourWorld.

The contest was open to creators from the US, France, Japan and Taiwan, and winning videos would play in select stores of the participating countries. The contest was a huge success, and the #UTPlayYourWorld hashtag has over 700 million views.

The contest tapped into the support of Uniqlo fans and promised them something that all TikTok creators want: a larger audience for their videos. It was a win-win and an example of how user-generated content can help your brand.

User-generated content (UGM) boosts your credibility and trust, especially when it comes from trusted creators. When you reuse it with permission, you build relationships and loyalty. And it saves you the time and cost of content production.

Here are some best practices for user-generated content.

10. Still stumped? There’s always old milk

We’re not recommending this strategy. But great content can come from truly unexpected places. If you take this gentleman up on his milk offer, let us know!



Ultimate Tik Tok Guide

How to Use TikTok

1. Sign Up

TikTok is a mobile device-based application available both on Android and iOS device’s app store. After downloading and installation, you can immediately browse videos of others. To use any other TikTok features, you need to sign up or log in.

Phone numbers, emails, or Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account can all be used to sign up for a TikTok account. After successfully sign up, TikTok will generate a username automatically. You can change the default username and your profile by using the Edit Profile button on the main page.


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2. Enjoy Videos!

Get a pair of earphones and start to enjoy TikTok videos! The music is the most important part anyway.

The video viewing page is divided into two parts, they are Following and For You respectively. If you open TikTok, you will be in For You. In this feed, TikTok will recommend videos that you might like based on an algorithm. Swipe left, you will go to the Following. You will only see uploads from people you choose to follow.

3. Interact

There are five icons to your right that allow you to do different interactions.

Scroll to your left or click the profile icon, you will enter the video producer’s main page and then follow or watch other videos from him. If you just like the video, tap the heart-shaped icon. Tap the conversation bubble, you can make comments on the Tik Tok video you are viewing. To share the video to the social media, tap on the Share icon.

The last icon is a spanning record with music notes emanating. Click on it, you can see the detailed information about the music that the video is using.

If you don’t like a certain video, please long press the video to reveal a Not Interested button.

4. Navigating Other Features

There are also five icons are on the bottom. Click the first icon shaped like a house, you will get a refreshed page with new recommended videos. Tap on the search icon, you can search any types of video and users. The “+” icon allows you to create videos or upload a video from the Gallery. The message icon offers you access to any notifications.

The last icon is the access to your own main page. From there, you can edit profile, change nickname, view your own videos.

TikTok emphasizes on privacy. Click on the three horizontal dots on the upper right corner, you will be able to set your account as private, or who can download your video, who can send comments, etc.

How to Make a Funny TikTok Video Step by Step

TikTok is integrated with video sharing and video creating feature. Creating a TikTok video is extremely easy.

Step 1 Click on the “+” button. If it is your first time to shoot, you need to allow TikTok to access your camera and recorder.

Step 2 Set up the timer, speed, beauty effects, filters, effects, long press the red button to start shooting.

Step 3 Choose one piece of music to level up your video.
Step 4 Once the film is done, press the red check to go to the editing page.

Step 5 Go to the upper right, you can choose another music, adjust the volume and cut sound.

Step 6 Set one frame of the video as a cover and add other special effects through the two buttons on the down left corner.

How to Edit TikTok Videos

Unluckily, once your video is on TikTok, you don’t really have much room to change it on the application itself. Under this circumstance, relying on some professional video editing tool is a smarter choice.

Head to your profile, select the video you want to edit, then tap the triple-dotted icon. The video would be saved to your mobile device. Now follow us to edit it.

You will need,

* A computer,

* TikTok video you want to edit,

* Music, photos, or video clips. Any materials you want to add to your video,


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Best TikTok Ideas

* Lip Sync Video. A song can inspire many people to create. If you are creative, try the lip sync video and let others see your performance.

* Duet Video. Duet videos are always liked by YouTubers. Open the video from which you want to create a duet, tap on the Share icon and select Duet. Now, you can make a video as you wish.

* Pets Video. What are liked by most people? Pets. If you have cute dogs or cats, make sure to capture each cute moment of them.

* Imitating Other Popular Videos. There are reasons why some videos are popular. You may choose the same topic, or similar way to performance.

* Keep up with the trend. When it is festival, you can make a video about it, like what did you do on this festival, or is there anything interesting on this day. Moreover, if a certain type of video get more views, do make a similar one.

* Show off your skills. Can you DIY clothes? Can you do chorus quickly? Can you speak Chinese or Japanese? Show the skills that make you special.

* Impromptu videos. Always get your camera ready. You might bump into something interesting.

* Travel. Going abroad or some places of interest? Record the scenic views or the people you meet. All people will love that.

*Create a brand new hashtag challenge. Hashtag challenges are popular on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. The same is on TikTok. But before you create a brand new hashtag challenge, do remember to keep it easy and fun so that more people are willing to participate.

*Cover current events. TikTok videos are not just about fun. TikTok videos are also great sources for people to catch up with the latest news.

How to Become Popular on TikTok

Here are some tricks to become popular on Tik Tok.

1. Post regularly and be consistent. You can post videos to Tik Tok once a week or twice a week. If possible, make a series.

2. Connect with other influencers.

3. Share your videos on social media. This is helpful to boost views. On the contrary, you can also mention your Tik Tok profile link or nickname on other social media to get more followers.

4. Be positive. Audiences hate negative contents.

5. Comment on others’video. By doing so, your videos will also get more comments.

6. Reply to each comment. Be interesting and fun while replying.

7. Follow at least 30 accounts per day and unfollow. This is a useful trick to leave your footprint.

8. Invite others to your video. A friend, a child or even a pet can make your Tik Tok video more fun and interesting.

9. Go live. Going live indicates that you care about your fans. They will cherish it and become more loyal.

10. Be exaggerate. TikTok is different from other video sharing sites. You need to be very exaggerate to attract people’s eyes.



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