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Twitter to soon come with an improved ‘account verification’ process

Twitter to launch a revamped verification process accessible to public

Twitter verification process

Twitter is working on a new in-app system for requesting verification. The news came to front through Jane M Wong who is famous for reverse engineering apps to find out the next update. A part of Wong’s discovery includes a “Request Verification” option. Twitter mentions that this feature is not yet available to the public.

what is twitter verification ?

Getting the blue tick button has always been an ad hoc process. Whereas this may appear to be harmless, i.e., if a celebrity opens a Twitter account, getting a blue tick, should not enrage anyone; however, this has also lead to a few disastrous results. When in 2017 Twitter blue tick/verified account of someone who is an organizer of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

After facing some severe backlash, Twitter had decided to put a pin on verifications and took the time off to figure out how to fix this problem. In late 2018, Twitter’s policy changed, and recently Twitter began verifying authoritative health experts who were tweeting credible information about coronavirus.

However, after taking a break, Twitter has decided to bring back that option that allows individual users to request verification. Moreover, Twitter will also publicly document what qualifies a Twitter user to be verified.

This will be the first time that Twitter is documenting the verification process publicly. For the verification process, Twitter asks for the user’s government ID after providing the necessary information. The verification request will either be successful or rejected depending on the information provided.

Twitter refrained from commenting on when this process will become public or what the new guidelines will state when they become available.
Even though this step was taken after the platform faced scathing criticism over the years, the new verification process would not necessarily put an end to criticism. That, however, does not mean that Twitter would not want to have transparency with its users by making public the guidelines.


witter relaunching the blue checkmark verification process ?



Twitter to soon come with an improved ‘account verification’ process

Twitter is planning to re-introduce a new built-in protocol for requesting verification. The finding was revealed by Jane Manchun Wong, famous for reverse engineering. She further said that the feature is not yet made available to the public.

Getting a blue-tick next to your Twitter account

is usually limited to the accounts that are of public interest. For example, celebrities, politicians, and organizations usually get a blue-tick next to their account – a method that is purely harmless.

However, in the year 2017, Twitter faced severe backlash for allowing a blue-tick on an account of someone who was an organizer for the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

Following this, Twitter paused the verification feature in order to figure out how to allow only credible organizations with the tick. In 2018, the micro-blogging network tweaked the policy a bit and in 2020 it began verifying health accounts that contributed information regarding coronavirus.

But now, it looks like Twitter would soon be bringing back the option and allowing individual users to apply for the verification. Moreover, Twitter confirms that the process will be publicly documented.

According to Wong, Twitter will also ask for the user’s government ID alongside other necessary information. The verification team will also be liable to accept or reject a request based on the provided information. Commenting on the development, Alex Heath from TheInformation, said, “That signals the blue checkmark is being retooled to focus on verifying identity rather than denoting status or celebrity.”

As of yet, Twitter has not announced when the process will become publicly available. Nevertheless, after facing criticism for years – Twitter is finally making a change and attempting to make its platform a bit cleaner.


How to get a blue tick?

Reply to Twitter’s post. But, there’s a catch

Very funny, Twitter, offering bait to people with this blue tick-related tweet only to troll everyone.
A blue tick on your Twitter handle will certainly make you stand out from the rest on the micro-blogging platform. So, when the company tweeted that it will verify anyone who replies to this particular tweet of theirs, people really got excited. But all that excitement was in vain because that’s the magic of this particular tweet – no one can comment on it. Do you know why? Turns out Twitter’s witty – and somewhat mean – post was to promote a new restricted reply feature they just rolled out.

With this feature, Twitter is giving its users the ability to choose who can contribute to a conversation. When choosing this option, people need to tag others and only they can comment to the post. While people who aren’t tagged cannot leave a reply, they can still retweet the post, retweet it with a comment, and even like it.

Take a look at what the company tweeted:

Since being shared the tweet has garnered over 1.1 lakh likes and close to 72,000 retweets – and counting.

How did people feel about this blue tick related tweet from Twitter? Well, people couldn’t reply to the tweet in question but used the retweet with comments option to share their reactions. And, they’re not pleased. Here’s what some people tweeted:

Earlier, to explain the feature in an even better way, Twitter tagged NASA in a post and had a little heart-to-heart chat. This late night conversation between the duo garnered tons of likes and retweets from people.

What do you think of Twitter’s tweet?



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