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How to get verified on Facebook?

Facebook is by far the largest and most significant social media platform in the world. It’s one of the world’s most valuable companies, and is considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Amazon, Apple, and Google. So being verified on Facebook is very important to your business or brand. Its popularity has […]

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How to Get Verified Badge on Social Networks ? in 2020

how to get verified on all of the major social networks : Twitter Verified Badge Facebook Verified Badge Youtube TikTok Verified Badge Instagram Verified Badge Google My Business Pinterest Snapchat Everyone wants to get verified on social media, but it’s not usually an easy process. In a world of fake news and widespread media distrust, […]

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How do I get verified on Instagram ✓? How many followers do you need to be verified ?

How do you get a verified badge on Instagram without being famous? According to Instagram’s help page, no. “Right now, only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request a verified badge.” Instead, Instagram recommends that you provide other forms of social proof of your identity, like linking […]

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what is Verification Symbols on social media ?

Verification Symbols Across the country, children are using social media younger and younger. Our primary position on Social Media use is to ask that parents and carers respect age restrictions, and game classifications they are there for a reason, and most apps are 13+. However, for those that have decided that their child can use […]

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Twitter relaunching the blue checkmark verification process ?! can I get verified ?

Twitter relaunching the blue checkmark Twitter is bringing back verification, that process that gives people those little blue check marks next to their names.


چطور تیک آبی اینستاگرام را دریافت کنیم؟ آموزش گرفتن وریفای بج و تایید رسمی اینستاگرام

راز های دریافت تیک آبی اینستاگرام در کنار نام اکانت برخی از افراد مشهور و شناخته شده دنیا در اینستاگرام یک تیک آبی منحصر به فرد قرار دارد که اصالت و رسمی بودن اکانت آن‌ها را نمایش می‌دهد. به پروفایل‌ها یا اکانت‌هایی که تیک آبی اینستاگرام را دارند اصطلاحا Verified Badge به معنای مفهومی “دارای […]

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