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How to Get Verified on Spotify ? Artist verification on Spotify

How to get a verified artist page on Spotify ?

How Can I Get a Verified Spotify Artist Profile?

Getting a blue tick next to your name with Spotify verification is a great way to boost your credibility on the world’s most popular streaming platform.

You no longer need 250 followers to get verified on Spotify, thanks to Spotify for Artists. Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps.

Spotify has made it much simpler for artists to get a blue tick on their profile, opening Spotify verification up to everyone. It’s now easier than ever to get verified, so let’s go through the steps you’ll need to to take to get verified on the world’s most popular streaming platform:

How to get verified on Spotify ?

1. Make sure your music is live on Spotify

First of all, you’ll, of course, need to have music live on Spotify, and your own artist profile. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, if your tracks are on there, you’re ready to apply for Spotify verification.

If you’ve made great music, but it’s not on Spotify yet, you can learn how to get music on Spotify here. Also, if you’d like to get your music playlisted, you can submit your music for the chance to be included on the Ditto Music Spotify playlists right now.

2. Get access to Spotify for Artists

To get verified on Spotify and a blue tick on your profile, you’ll need to access Spotify for Artists.

Spotify for Artists is open to all artists and their management, and not only offers the opportunity to be verified, but also a range of analytics and insights, designed to help you understand your audience.

SpotifyHow does an artist get verified on Spotify?

Just some of the tools available through Spotify for Artists include figures on the demographics and locations of your listeners, as well as data on similar artists, individual songs and playlists. You can also use the service to update and customise your artist profile, and access the Spotify Help Centre.

3. Sit back and wait to get verified on Spotify

Once you’ve successfully signed up to Spotify for Artists, you’ll receive a verified tick on your artist profile. There are no application forms to complete, but your tick may not appear straight away, so be patient and give it a few weeks! But once you’re verified, you’ll get access to a number of great new benefits.

Benefits of Spotify verification?

  • The famous blue tick next to your artist name
  • Access to Spotify for Artists’ analytics and fan insights
  • The power to generate and submit artist playlists
  • The chance to customise profiles with pictures and bios
  • The automatic transfer of followers from your original Spotify account to your artist page



How to Get verified badge?

How long does it take to verify Spotify artist?

We’re Simplifying Artist Verification

Artist verification on Spotify has always lived separately from our core products for artists. Until now. Today, artist verification and artist playlisting are both becoming part of Spotify for Artists.

  • Is it hard to get verified on Spotify?
  • How many followers do you need to get verified on Spotify?
  • What does a blue check mean on Spotify?
  • What does verified artist mean?
  • How does Spotify verify blue?
  • How do artists get verified?

As an artist, you no longer need to fill out a separate form to get verified on Spotify — just get access to your profile in Spotify for Artists and you’re all set. Artist playlisting is also being integrated into Spotify for Artists. You and your team can post playlists, update images, and make picks all from the same place — simplifying how you manage your artist profile.

What this means if you’re already verified:

  • Whether you use Spotify for Artists or not, you’ll keep your verification.
  • All the playlists on your artist profile will stay there.
  • If you’re verified but haven’t used Spotify For Artists, get access to Spotify for Artists here.
  • As of early May, you’ll need to use Spotify for Artists to add and remove playlists from your artist profile. You’ll still use your personal Spotify account to create and edit them.

What this means if you’re not verified yet:

  • To get verified, you’ll need to get access to Spotify for Artists.
  • Spotify for Artists is available for all artists and their management teams. You no longer need 250 followers to get verified.
  • As of early May, you can add any playlist to your artist profile using Spotify for Artists — the same way you add an artist pick. You’ll use your personal Spotify account to create and edit artist playlists.
  • While we’re working as quickly as we can, you may not see the verified check mark on your page until early May.

We know verification and artist playlisting are important to you, so we’ll keep working on improvements and new features that make it even simpler.


Why get verified as an artist on Spotify?

Spotify artist verification is important for a few reasons. Perhaps the most important has to do with playlisting. It’s possible, of course, to get your music onto playlists without being a verified artist on Spotify, but verification can really help you in your efforts to be taken seriously on the platform, get the attention of Spotify’s algorithm, and also get noticed by Spotify playlist curators.

In addition, once you’re verified on Spotify, you can:

  • Share playlists directly with your fans
  • Update your artist bio on Spotify
  • Update your artist profile image directly from your Spotify for
  • Artists account
  • Access analytics for your top 1000 songs
  • Pin songs, albums, or playlists to the top of your profile


How to Get Verified on Spotify and Apple Music

So after years of making tracks in the studio and sharing drafts here and there, I finally decided to do my own music distribution.

I mastered my track, entered my info and uploaded my album art. I hit send, got approved, and there it was! My track was all of sudden on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and other platforms.


Great. So now what? How do I edit my artist profile? I want to change my photo, edit my bio, and get control over how I’m represented on these platforms. It’s not like SoundCloud where you just log in, click edit and done.

Keeping control of your info online is important because it shows you’re active and makes your profile stand out. It’s also a way to give more to your fans.

How to do it? Get verified!

If you just released your music, you’re probably wondering how it’s done. Here’s how I got verified on Spotify and Apple Music in one week and took control of my artist profiles.

Why Get Verified?

So what’s all the fuss about those little blue checkmarks?

The ‘verified’ checkmark says something: I’m legit, I’ve got the stamp of approval, I’m verified by the big folks and THIS IS MY MUSIC!

To be real, verification used to be unfair to emerging artists. You needed a lot of plays or followers to prove that you’re ‘worthy’ of the holy check mark. And we all know how hard it is to get those first 250 fans…

Fortunately, this changed recently. Spotify realized that it needed to start being more transparent, and give all artists the same tools to take control of their projects.

Here are the advantages to getting verified:
  • Edit your artist profiles by changing your profile photo and other details
  • Connect with your fans by posting playlists, tour dates or updates
  • Get your stats and look at who is streaming your music and where
  • Have a better shot at getting on a curated playlist by looking legit

So here’s what to do after you’ve released your music (doing this before releasing won’t work!) to get your blue checkmark:

Take Control of Your Spotify Artist Profile

Simply go to Spotify for Artists and click ‘Get Access.’ Enter your information and submit.

It might take longer than your excited-self would like (a few days or a week). Once they verify who you are, you get an email to confirm access to your artist profile.

Here’s what getting verified on Spotify allows you to do:
  • Update your artist photo
  • Add an Artist’s Pick (your latest release for instance)
  • Add a featured playlist to your artist profile
  • See stats: plays, countries and cities where your music is played, etc.

Get Access to Your Apple Music Artist Profile

Apple Music is updating its Artist Verification program. Apple Music Connect is becoming Apple Music for Artists, which is currently in beta.

Here’s how to get verified—straight from Apple’s guide:

1. Go to

2. Click Sign Up, and sign in with your Apple ID.

3. Click Request Artist Access and search for your artist page. You can also copy and paste your iTunes Store artist page link to search.

4. Verify that you are claiming the correct page by selecting one of your albums.

5. Choose your Role.

6. Fill out the requested application fields. The more information you are able to provide, the easier it will be to verify your relationship to the artist you are claiming.

It takes up to about a week to get verified.

Here’s what getting verified on Apple Music allows you to do:
  • Share audio, videos, photos, and ideas with your fans
  • Share your favorite playlists, albums, music videos, or songs from Apple Music to your fans

On Apple Music, a fan is anyone who bought your music, or added it to their library.

Anyone can view and play the content you upload to Connect—even on Apple Music for Android.

As an artist, you don’t need a subscription to Apple Music to post to your page. But you can only post from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (through the Apple Music app) or Mac (through iTunes).

Here’s Apple’s guide on how to share content with your Apple Music fans.

Checkmark? Check!

Luckily, the verification process is now available to all of us.

It means that when you release your music, you get access to your artist profile on Spotify and Apple Music.

This lets you edit your photo, post your favourite playlists, and get promote your music to your fanbase.

The blue checkmark is the seal of approval that makes you look legit—even though we already knew you are. So get verified today, and make the most out of your music distribution!


Spotify for Artists: How to Get Verified on Spotify

spotify verified badge
Being a verified artist on Spotify means a lot more than just getting a little blue check by your name. It can significantly assist with catching the attention of playlist curators, other major influencers, and help you in growing a sizable following.

The way artists get verified on Spotify has changed recently. They’ve actually made the process a whole lot easier. You no longer need to hit a threshold for followers, or to fill out a separate verification form. All you need is access for the new “Spotify for Artists.”

Step 1: Is Your Music Up and Visible on your Artist Profile?

This one’s a bit on the nose, but first and foremost your music needs to be properly uploaded and visible on your artist profile. There are a few different avenues you can take to do this; however, the easiest solution is to simply work with a music services company that will do all this for you. A company like AWAL will not only deliver your music to Spotify but to tons of other streaming services such as Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube Red, and more, too.

Step 2: Getting Access to Spotify for Artists

Once your music is up and ready all you need to do is get access to “Spotify for Artists.” Artists and managers can do so by clicking right here.

Step 3: Confirm Your Account

Simply log into and confirm your account.

Step 4: A Little Insight

Confirm whether you’re an artist, manager, label, or other. Select your name, account, and which email address you’d like to use for notifications

Step 5: Find & Connect Your Artist Page(s)

Lastly, if you’re an artist simply find your page and connect. If you’re a manager or label select the artist pages that you wish to oversee.
Then just hit submit and you’re all set! Pretty easy, right? It can take a few days for Spotify to give you access but once you’re in you’ll be able to play around with a bunch of new functionalities such as:

  • Updating your artist image anytime you want
  • Posting artist playlists to your profile
  • Making an artist’s pick, which appears at the top of your profile
  • Exploring Spotify analytics

Once you have access to Spotify a pretty blue check should appear by your artist name not too long after.


Four Reasons to Get Verified on Spotify

(And How to Do It)

Credibility on the digital streaming platforms is important in today’s streaming economy. As an artist, Spotify verification opens the door to additional features and profile control. Read on to learn about how to get verified on Spotify after distributing music through a service like Stem.
Bonuses of Spotify Artist Verification

A blue check mark next to your artist name is an important milestone on social media and the streaming platforms. This provides an added level of notoriety and legitimacy for artists when fans search for their profiles to stream their music. This blue check mark also unlocks some additional features for artists on Spotify, including the ability to:

  • update your profile image through Spotify for Artists
  • edit your artist biography in Spotify
  • view streaming statistics for your top 200 songs
  • utilize Artist’s Pick, which allows you to:
  • pin an album, song or playlist to the top of your Spotify profile
  • share your tour dates
  • add custom images for Artist’s Pick featured items

How to Submit for Verification ?

Both artists and managers can submit an artist to be considered for verification. First, you need to go to Spotify for Artists and click “Claim Your Profile.”


Once you’ve taken that step, you’ll be directed to a page asking to submit your artist name. From there, you need to select if you’re the artist or the manager representing the artist.

Following this, Spotify will have you log in and asks you a few questions. After a few days, that bright blue check mark will appear next to your profile and those additional features will become accessible.

For ways to utilize Spotify for Artists, check out our blog post highlighting how to keep your Spotify profile looking phresh.

Spotify artist verification is a small but important part of releasing your music on the streaming platform. It provides you with a few new features that you can weave into your marketing and promotion strategies to keep your fans engaged. Spotify verification also bolsters your credibility with fans and playlist curators alike. The streaming platform recently made changes to their playlist submission process that enables anyone with a Spotify for Artists account to submit for playlist consideration.


Why You Need To Become Verified On Spotify ?

Spotify is a great streaming platform and promotional tool for artists, labels and music curators worldwide, there is no doubt about that. With the exponential rise of Spotify, more artists are starting to utilize the platform, but what many don’t realize, are the perks of becoming verified.

There is tons of buzz around that little blue check mark that verifies you as an “Artist” but what a lot of users do not know, is that it’s a lot more than just a “blue checkmark”. Sure it looks cool, but what does it really allow for. We are going to shed some light on why it is absolutely crucial to becoming verified on Spotify as an artist. We are not going to touch on brands or curators at the moment, specifically on artists only.

So What Are These Perks?

Once you are successfully verified on Spotify you will open up a whole new world.

Blue Check Mark:

Okay, we admit, having a little blue check mark is fun. It gives you a motivational boost and sets you aside from the basic user accounts. One look at your page and people know you are the real deal.

Your past and future releases will be merged onto your verified account:

Until you are verified, you will have a basic user account that doesn’t include your releases. So this means, as a basic user, your previous and future releases will be “floating” around Spotify under an artist page that was generated for you. These are generated once a release is live on Spotify through an aggregator or label.

The releases will not be connected to your main user account. Once verified, your account will be linked to your discography page. You will have full control over both and all future releases will be on the one page.

Followers from your artist page and the User account will combine:

That’s right. If you have releases on Spotify, you will have a generated artist page(As described above) and may have garnered a following without even knowing it. When you become verified, your artist page and user account merge together and all followers will be added together as well. So you don’t lose any fans.

You will be able to Personalize Your Playlists:

When verified, you can now add playlists to your artist page. You will have full control over album covers, collaborative playlists, links, and descriptions. This comes in handy!

Detailed Analytics and Fan Insights:

You will have access to more detailed statistics and other various analytics. The Fan Insight tool is insane and you will have access to a ton of, well, insights about your fans. This is a must.

Share your playlists and tracks directly with fans:

This is worth the verification alone. Imagine all your followers being able to hear your new playlist or track at once with a single share. It is possible with verification. You will now be able to update your fans personally everytime you have something new to share. You have all your fans at your fingertips.

Better your chances of being noticed by Spotify’s Algorithm:

It’s possible to get your music onto playlists without being a verified artist but verification can help you tremendously. You are taken a little more seriously as an artist which helps get attention from Spotify’s very complex algorithm, and also become noticed by Spotify playlist curators. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

You Are In Control:

You have full control over images, playlists, banners, shares, and more!

It is essential to becoming a verified artist on Spotify. If you are unsure how to obtain the 250 follower threshold, feel free to message us anytime as we have helped numerous artists go from 0 – 250+ followers within a few days. You will be on the road to becoming verified in no time!


Setting Up A Spotify Verified Artist Account

In order to get verified and get a blue check mark on your profile in Spotify, you’ll need to get access to Spotify for Artists.

Once Spotify confirms who you are and gives you access, you’re all set. (It may take a little time for your blue verification check mark to appear on your Spotify profile.)

You no longer need to fill out a separate form and you no longer need 250 followers. Verification is now available for all artists.

There is no guaranteed timetable for verification, but Spotify’s goal is 2-6 weeks. TuneCore does not process these requests, nor are we able to provide additional support with the process.

If you are having issues with your profile, please make use of Spotify’s Support options:


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